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Kim Velez Luvs It Like That At Scoreland


The impossible to resist Kim Velez welcomes you whilst you arrive at her mansion. Beneath that satin sundress is paradise in chick shape. You assume again to Kim’s SCORELAND vignette with Sofia Damon and what kind of the digicam likes each and every curve, her stunning face and giant inborn eclairs.

“How was once paintings?” Kim asks. “I used to be having a look forth to observing you. View on the sundress I purchased. Do you find it irresistible? View at my fresh high-heeled shoes.” Kim fried eggs her beautiful ft for your route. Each inch of this damsel is sugary.

“View. I’m really not dressed in a boulder-holder,” Kim says, waving her lip fodder from side-to-side. “This may occasionally make it lighter to take off. Do you prefer my tamales? Did you omit them? I do know you ignored me a plenty of.”

Kim opens her sundress and does the dance of the giant eclairs. Swaying them up, waving them down. Go after her juggling tamales. They are mesmerizing. Kim disrobes her sundress, tosses it to the aspect and turns round to showcase her succulent caboose. Tyke spanks her backside noisily. That bootie is ripe for a slapping. Kim pulls down her ebony g-string undies, leaving her top high-heeled shoes on and thumbs her fuckbox.

Getting again to her hooter dance, this time in gradual movability, Kim spanks, claps, hangs, sways and shoves her magnificent eclairs for your face. Her thumbs budge again to her fuckbox. Tyke is well-prepped to jizm.

“Do you prefer how I jerk for you? I do know you find it irresistible. I am so raw. View at my fuckbox. I will jizm. Concentrate to how raw it’s. You find it irresistible like that?”

Yeah, schoolgirl. We find it irresistible like that.

Date: May 24, 2021