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Kitten Ultra-cute: A Man-meat For Kitten


As of late is Steve Q.’s successful day and a momentous day at XLGirls.com as a result of Kitten Ultra-cute does her very first guy-girl gig. It was once a significant wonder when Kitten contacted us about capturing gonzo.

When Kitten arrives at her motel, girl’s panicked as a result of there is a man in her apartment in sofa and he is jacking off having a look at one thing on his telephone. (A movie of Kitten and her hefty zingers? May well be.) He does not listen Kitten stroll in.

Kitten is perplexed watching him within the apartment sooner than girl makes her presence identified. It seems that the motel double-booked the similar apartment for each Steve and Kitten and Steve were given there very first. They’ve a tiny tiff about the issue. Adolescent desires him to head. Steve woos Kitten that they must proportion and proportion alike, and that incorporates the apartment, the sofa and themselves.

Wanting to observe and rub Kitten’s fat flesh bulbs, Steve makes his stir and woos her to take a seat at the sofa subsequent to him. He places her forearm on his junk and girl does not draw back. He lowers Kitten’s brassiere and sundress to rub her luxurious mams, sinking his face inbetween them and deep-throating her nips.

Kitten rubs Steve’s quiver bone, and sooner than lengthy, girl’s pulling and rubbin’ it and letting him tit-fuck her as girl hovers over him. Steve is enthralled by means of Kitten and investigates her assets and flesh bulbs. He puts her on her again to have fun along with her assets after which he glides his quiver bone into her cooch and ravages her. Kitten touches her cooch as girl’s blinked and helps to keep rubbin’ as her zingers get a blast of jizm for the very first time on-camera.

Date: January 15, 2022